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Instagram Reels - The new age technique to market songs!

Instagram Reels has revolutionised the way artists market their songs by providing a dynamic platform for creativity, engagement and strategic promotion. One of our remixes with Saregama India Ltd. - Khair Mangdi electronic mix went viral on Instagram reels 2 months ago with over 80K+ reels made on this song. It picked up overnight shooting up our numbers on every streaming platform & Youtube.

Check out Khair Mangdi electronic mix here :

Here are some ways Instagram reels has contributed to music marketing and we believe every artist MUST use this avenue to promote their music and content :-

➡️ Short-form Content: Reels allow artists to showcase snippets of their songs in short, engaging videos, capturing the audience's attention quickly.

➡️ Viral Potential: The discoverability and shareability of reels contribute to the potential for songs to go viral, reaching a broader audience beyond the artist's followers.

➡️ User Participation: Artists can encourage user-generated content by creating challenges or trends related to their songs, fostering community engagement and participation.

➡️ Visual Storytelling: Reels provide a visual storytelling platform, allowing artists to complement their music with creative visuals, enhancing the overall narrative and emotional connection with the audience.

➡️ Cross-Promotion: Artists can cross-promote their Reels on other social media platforms, increasing visibility and driving traffic to their music streaming platforms or official websites.

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