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A popular and dangerous misconception, we would say. 

In a world where music is just a click away, it's easy to forget that creating those tunes comes with a price tag. Contrary to popular belief, music is not free and behind every melody lies a web of creativity, effort and investment (monetary and non monetary).

Artists pour their hearts and countless hours into perfecting their craft, honing skills that bring joy and inspiration to our lives. Yet, the misconception that music should be free persists. Let's not overlook the fact that recording, producing and distributing music involves substantial costs—from studio time and equipment to marketing and distribution.

Supporting artists means acknowledging the value of their work. When we stream or download music through legal channels, we contribute to sustaining a vibrant industry that thrives on creativity. Let's appreciate the incredible talents that grace our playlists by recognising that, indeed, music is not free.

Next time you hit play, remember that each note represents an investment of passion, time and resources. Let's celebrate the artistry, support the creators and ensure that the music we love continues to enrich our lives 🎧

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